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Whitening Ireland teeth whitening. Opalescence whitening gels. Professional tooth whitening system.

 Whitening Ireland is B2B and B2C orientated enterprise, mutually benefiting participating partners. We are operating the network of participating Cosmetic/Beauty Salons, offering professional teeth whitening services directly in-store, at Cosmetic/Beauty Salons.  

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Teeth Shields with PressDots™  is a system of professional teeth whitening.  On the basis of upper & lower jaw moulds, the patient receives individually-made teeth shields. The whitening gel provided, is injected into each of the PressDots™. When the person uses their finger to ‘press’ the dots, this action coats the tooth-surfaces with whitening gel. 

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Check out our Recommended Pricing for our services. Contact us and find out how you can benefit from PressDots™  Teeth Whitening.  We are  looking for small and big businesses willing to offer our whitening system to its clientele.  

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